The Ruby Heart

Escape isn’t the hardest challenge for a slave – it’s staying free afterwards.

Thomas, Mia and Ethan have finally discovered the long-lost rebellion airship Clara - only to learn that it cannot grant them their freedom, since none know how to fly the mighty ship.

A desperate search for a pilot follows but disaster strikes when Thomas falls into the clutches of their old tormentor, Lady Elisabeth; master of the Sand-Hog and lieutenant to the King. Yet Elisabeth has her own plans for Thomas and they do not involve simply handing him over to her liege.

Mia and Ethan find themselves torn between chasing Thomas and following clues to the Clara's pilot but hounding Mia every step of the way is her own doubts and fears, her confusion over her feelings for Ethan and worse, dark dreams that hide an even greater threat than King Williams could ever pose...

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