A father murdered by magic. A daughter’s cosmic quest for clues could make her the next victim…

Jade Gariq dreams of a new calling. While she wishes she could join the elite force that protects her home world from interdimensional threats, she’s stuck working for the family business. But everything changes when her father is found with traces of magic on him… magic that should only belong to the mythical Dragon-Gods…

To uncover the mystery behind her father’s murder, Jade must follow the clues to an uncharted world. Beyond the portal, treacherous jungles, surprising betrayals, and a killer bent on tying up loose ends stand in her way of the truth. It’ll take every ounce of Jade’s cunning to solve her father’s death, but can she avoid his fate?

Airwoman is a high-flying YA fantasy novel set in a stunning new Dragonverse. If you like fascinating worlds, memorable characters, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Zara Quentin’s action-packed adventure.

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An Interview with Zara Quentin

What inspired you to write Airwoman?

I got the initial inspiration from Airwoman when I was woken up in the middle of the night by one of our bedroom windows banging open during a storm. I had this sudden visual image of a winged woman perched on our window sill seeking refuge- from what or where I wasn't sure- but the image stayed with me and she became Jade Gariq, the main character from Airwoman.

If you met your hero in a bar, what would you talk about?

Jade and I would probably talk travel! I love to travel (but am unfortunately stuck in the Earthen dimension) while she wants to see the worlds of the Dragonverse but is stuck working in the family business.

Imagine you’ve inherited a hippopotamus and one stipulation of the will is that you cannot give the hippo away or sell it to anyone. What would you do with the hippopotamus?

LOL - Set it up on the roof with some cake! "There's a Hippopotamus on the Roof Eating Cake" by Hazel Edwards was one of my favourite books as a young kid! Now I read it to my own kids.

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