Complicated Blue

"The author leaves us spellbound and laughing in our seat."

An unconventional mage, a ghost with an identity crisis, a librarian with attitude, and a nanny, discover the mysteries of the universe. But they are not alone...

Not all witches are created equal.

Meet Anaïs Blue, a teenager trapped in the body of a five-year-old. Why? Because witches grow slower than the rest of us. Didn't you know?

Physical limitations are the least of her problems. Her job? Help the dead with their unfinished business. Unfortunately, the dead are a notoriously uncommunicative bunch. Not only that, a formidable entity is on her trail.

Exposed, inexperienced and threatened with forces more powerful than her own, a witch's lot has never been more complicated. But be aware, Anaïs Blue is no push-over.

Can Anaïs and her motley crew survive their extraordinary adventure into a magical world where the supernatural do not hide? And what surprises does the universe hold in store for them?

Step into a world not unlike your very own and find out in this thrilling, humorous and poignant urban fantasy series. For fans of Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore and Tim Powers

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