Demon Hunt

Auren longs for adventure and a break from her tedious life on Appolia. It's the start of summer, and she is looking forward to her yearly camping trip with her foster father, Kado. She believes these trips are for fun, but when they arrive on Luten Isle, Kado informs her that she is a shadow stalker, and she is in training.

One morning, Auren decides to take her training into her own hands. She only means to practice seeing the veil to the shadow world, the world of the shadow people and the source of their power. Instead, she opens the veil releasing a demon, a guardian of the shadow world, into the physical world.

With the deadly beast loose, she and Kado don't have long to hunt it down and return it to where it belongs, or many innocent people could die.

An Interview with Renee Scattergood

What inspired you to write Demon Hunt?

I decided to write Demon Hunt as a prequel to Shadow Stalker because people were wondering what Auren's life was like before all the craziness started.

What was the hardest part about writing it?

The hardest part has been keeping track of all the details so I remain consistent. I've been constantly worried about contradicting myself with details of how their "magic" works and the technology.

If you met your hero in a bar, what would you talk about?

We'd probably talk about the pros and cons of living up to your responsibilities. 😉

If you met your villain in a bar, what would you talk about?

Beyond me telling him what a twisted psychotic monster he is, I'm not sure we'd have much to talk about.

What’s one of your interests outside of writing that might surprise people who have never met you?

I love logic puzzles. 😀

What’s the most challenging/interesting part about living in Australia?

Well, unlike most Ozzie authors, I haven't lived here all my life. At first, it was hard because I was homesick and things were so different here. Now, I would never want to go back just because it's so different here. Everyone is so much more laid back and friendly. You get your good people and bad people everywhere, but I guess maybe the ratio is different here? I love the live and let live mentality that most people have.

What famous – or infamous even – book do you wish you’d written?

Harry Potter. 😀

Who's your favourite musical artist?

It's a toss-up between Metallica and Within Temptation.

What’s the last TV series that blew you away and what was so good about it?

I'm not a huge reality TV fan, but I watched America's Got Talent this year and I was blown away by all the amazing talent. The best part was all my favorite acts made it into the top 5.

Imagine you’ve inherited a hippopotamus and one stipulation of the will is that you cannot give the hippo away or sell it to anyone. What would you do with the hippopotamus?

Not sure the landlord would like us having a hippo, but I guess we'd have to build it it's own area in the yard that mimicked its natural habitat. I don't even know what they eat...

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