Midnight Shadows

A race where anything goes, and the winner gets the prize of their dreams. Could you kill to win and save someone you love?

A text-based computer game that may not be what it seems. Will you step inside the Dark Mansion and put your life, your real life, on the line?

A corrupt town on the verge of retribution. Ancient Chinese monsters on the hunt for revenge. A song that reveals the secrets of the universe. Creatures that hide in the shadows until it's too late. Cursed technology. Supernatural beasts and evil men and women. In Midnight Shadows, a horror anthology by author Tara A. Devlin, you'll find all sorts of terrors to keep you up long into the night.

Settle in, turn off the lights, and get ready for the things that go bump in the night. You might be surprised by what's really lurking in the shadows at midnight.

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