Isiah is having a tough time. The Devil is making his job very difficult.

Samuel Harrigan is a murdering lowlife. He used ancient blood magic to escape a deal with the Devil and now he’s on the trail of a crystal skull that he believes will complete his efforts to evade Lucifer. But Lucifer wants Samuel’s soul for eternity and refuses to wait a second longer for it. Isiah needs Samuel to keep looking for the crystal skull, so he has to protect Sam and keep the Devil at bay. Not for Samuel’s sake, but for all of humanity.

RealmShift is an engrossing Dark Fantasy thriller; a fascinating exploration of the nature of people’s beliefs and their effect on the world around them. Magic, action and intrigue, from dank city streets to the depths of Hell and beyond.

An Interview with Alan Baxter

What inspired you to write RealmShift?

A desire to explore the consequences of belief through a dark fantasy lens.

If you met your hero in a bar, what would you talk about?

Gods and martial arts. 🙂

If you met your villain in a bar, what would you talk about?

Nothing, I'd just kick his ass.

What’s one of your interests outside of writing that might surprise people who have never met you?

Probably no surprise, but I'm a career martial artist, and run a kung fu academy.

What’s the most challenging/interesting part about living in Australia?

From a writing point of view, it's getting noticed beyond our borders.

What famous – or infamous even – book do you wish you’d written?

The bestseller I don't seem to have managed yet!

What’s the last TV series that blew you away and what was so good about it?

The Handmaid's Tale. So brutal, so brilliant, so very plausible!

Imagine you’ve inherited a hippopotamus and one stipulation of the will is that you cannot give the hippo away or sell it to anyone. What would you do with the hippopotamus?

Return it to the wild.

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