In a world blinded by oppression, humanity is on the brink of destruction—and Elizabeth Dart has been chosen…

The year is 2047. Elizabeth lives a monotonous life in Detroit, a city that is the glowing pride of the Global Federation: the new world order.

But when Elizabeth finds a mysterious alien object, the system suddenly becomes her worst enemy. Caught in a web of lies and intrigue, she must figure out who she can trust. Forced to confront the demons of her past, Elizabeth must make the most important decision of her life before it’s too late.

The future of humanity is at stake.

*** WARNING: This book contains coarse language, adult situations, and some disturbing scenes that may offend some readers. ***

Decide is a thought-provoking novel for fans of dystopian, apocalyptic, and soft science fiction. With a disturbingly realistic portrayal of the future, Decide is a reminder of just how fragile mankind really is.

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