Metal Angels – Part One

Bad blood. Ancient mythologies. Alien tech.

The world needs some saving.

The Facility is a bio-engineering and robotics complex with its own postcode. It's been called Area 51 on steroids. But unlike its government counterpart, the rumours about this place are true.

Blake Beckworth is resident head designer at the Facility. Keeping in touch with her younger sister Kira hasn't been high on the agenda, not since the accident. So when Kira gets a late night summons from her braniac sibling, she dumps her over-priced champagne, throws on a bra, and answers the call. But it won't be long before she regrets ever abandoning the Veuve Clicquot.

An ancient grudge match is headed our way, and about to make life really damn uncomfortable for mere mortals. Kira and Blake could be our first line of defence against the end of days. But they'll need to clean up their own bad blood first. Sisters better be doing it for themselves, and real soon.

**Language Warning - if you don't like copious amounts of swearing, then perhaps this one isn't for you. Kira knows all the words and likes to use them. She enjoys it almost as much as sex. So be warned, sexual content contained in this book! (Not graphic or erotica) Part One of a Four-part SERIAL. **Please note, these are not stand-alone books.**

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